Top 10 Canon 7D Accessories for Videography

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Shooting weddings & corporate videos with the Canon 7D has been one of the best aspects of running a video production company. Our Wedding division has booked over 35 weddings for 2010 and we’re steadily filling up the calendar for 2011 and even 2012. Last fall I made the decision to adopt DLR technology that others told me would be a bad move. I was hearing it from all angles. “Don’t buy that camera, wait until the bugs are fixed”.. “I would never adopt new technology like that.” Good thing I didn’t listen to those guys. We’re slowly seeing an increase of clients that specifically request our company because of the look and feel we can deliver.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the Top 10 canon 7D accessories we have found useful for our company. This is no way is supposed to be a comprehensive list. Just some of the new tools we’re using. We’re also not paid to advertise for these companies.

First, you’ll need the actual camera body itself. The prices are dropping and you can probably pick one up for about $1500-$1600

Top 10 Canon 7D Accessories for Videography

17-55mm1. You’re going to need some lenses. Start with one of the most popular lens. The 17-55mm 2.8 IS. Even though it’s not an L series lens we like the fact it has image stabilization. Most EOS L series lenses don’t have IS until you step up to the telephotos.

70-200mm2. Another great lens is the 70-200 L f4 IS or the 70-200 L 2.8. Obviously the 2.8 is more expensive however the f4 has served us just fine. Unless your using it in doors you can get away with the 4 instead of the 2.8.

canon 7d rig3. Once you have all your lenses and body, you’ll need to be able to mount it on a tripod. Red Rock Micro offers a number of DSLR rig kits. You can even build your own. You’ll need a base plate with rods. We’ve had good luck with our set up.

follow focus4. Your rig is not complete because you’ll need some sort of focus assist. A good place to start would be a follow focus system. Again, Red Rock Micro offers a great option if you’re looking to save some money. Their follow focus version 2 is great and reasonable priced for the quality and build of it.

5. You’ll still need more focus assistance while shooting with the Canon 7D because of the small screen. You can either go with a Zacuto viewfinder or you can go for a full blown LCD. We suggest both given your shooting conditions. The viewfinder for the 7D is very good and the magnification helps greatly.

marshall monitor6. If you want to do it right, go with an LCD. Marshall offers a great option. The Marshall V LCD651ST is one of the best HD LCDs on the market and as of today’s pricing they just lowered it from $1,695 to $1,394.95. Can’t beat that!

7. Almost done. Your rig is just about there. Once you have all this sweet gear you’ll need media to record to. We suggest getting at least 16GB CF cards with a minimum of 60mb/s. You’ll Probably need about 4-8 of these bad boys.

zoom recorder8. You’ll need a professional source of audio because the canon 7D has auto levels which means it’s not that great for audio and will clip everything. Get a H4n zoom recorder for all your audio needs it comes with two XLR inputs for wire/wireless mics.

wireless audio 9. Speaking of wireless mics you’ll need a pair of Sennheiser mics. I suggest getting two because you never know when you could need both.

10. You’ll need reference audio as well. We suggest the Rode video mic with a 3.5m mini plug for the Canon 7D. It records fantastic audio which is great for reference and if you’re lucky you might be able to use if for some natural audio in your project.. that’s if the auto levels don’t ruin it first.

11. I know this is a top 10 list. However, you’ll probably need some other basics such as additional batteries, cables, cards, headphones, on-board lighting and such. Stay tuned for an updated list.

This is just a handful of useful pieces of equipment we use. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.